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To share the epic story of the Bible in a new way through modern artwork


Our vision is that people everywhere will see and experience the God of the Bible like never before and that our art will help believers share the Biblical story with their friends and family. We hope that this project will inspire people to follow Yahweh and believe in the historical testimony of Jesus.


Stage 1: Fundraise & Art Production


  • Raise funds for full time work on the art for this project via our Etsy site

  • Artwork for the project will consist of about 50 main scenes. Other miscellaneous illustrations will also be used in the final publication

Stage 2: Book Publication


  • Publish and distribute a high quality art book

Stage 3: Art Exhibit


  • Print 5x7 foot prints of each scene to create a walking exhibit of the artwork


Luke is a registered nurse from California and Simon is an artist from the UK. The two gentlemen met after Luke contacted Simon about working on a Christian art project through an artist website. Simon had already done similar work previously, so he agreed and after several emails and a Skype chat, the foundations of “Behold Yahweh” were laid. Luke has been following Jesus seriously since 2012 and Simon likewise since 2015.


Luke & His Wife





All art available on this site or the instagram may only be used with permission for online publications or small format printed items that are not being sold (I.e. handouts are ok; T-shirts/posters are not). If you would like to obtain permission to use our art please email us and include the details of your request and how the art will be used.

Additionally, if you are interested in partnering with us in some way, please contact us by email:

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